Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sleeping Bulldog

This is Freddy. His portrait came out rather dark...but I think it suits him.
Freddy was one of the "Terrific 10" bulldogs that Chicago English Bulldog Rescue took in after an abuse and neglect case in Illinois was finished in the winter of 2010. This group was the cutest, smallest group of bulldogs I'd seen! They were all so used to living in cages, in their own feces, oftentimes pooping and urinating in their food bowls. They were a wonderful experience for the volunteers at CEBR. Freddy and his "siblings" soaked up all the love and human kindness they'd been lacking. They learned how to be the pampered family members they deserved to be, and they had all of their health issues taken care of. Freddy's ears still amuse me, they stand up and in his pictures he has this look that makes him seem like an old man.

All of the "Terrific 10" now live with their forever families.... like a little 'bulldog fairy tail'
If you'd like to learn more about Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and what they do - please visit

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The latest portrait ~ meet Perla....

Meet Perla.... I found her image on Facebook. I see a crazy number of homeless dogs in my newsfeed every day. It breaks my heart, but I know only so many of these souls can be saved. I wonder often, how can I help?

I saw the sad eyes of Perla and knew I had to paint her. She is a puppy, yet she sat unwanted waiting for her last days. Thanks to a rescue group she has been spared from death row and is awaiting her forever home!

I've slowly been contacting rescues to let them know that I am willing to donate a pet portrait for fund raising efforts. I can't tell you how much every rescue is in need of funds. The economy has left more pets homeless than ever before.

I also donate 10% of any commission to a rescue of the buyers choice, as long as I know its a legitimate cause.

If you're a rescue and reading this, I'm happy to consider any ideas to help you. Part of my mission is to raise awareness in the public.

For now the Perla painting will stay with me as a sample work, although I would love to sell the piece at some point! Thanks for reading my blog- I know I'm a blogging beginner but I'm hoping to use this blog as a place to tell you more about what's going on with Lildog, and in the world of rescue. I believe the more we know, the more we can change for the good!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Watercolor is the perfect medium for expression through color. I love having the ability to blend and layer multiple colors to create the look I envision.
My goal is to create a piece of artwork that portrays something or someone you love. An original watercolor becomes a conversation piece among friends and a priceless memory.

I have a passion for animals, and for animal rescue. Lildog is named after my not-so-little english bulldog, Lilli.
She's seven now and has been with me through thick and thin. We have another bully named Bruiser who we fostered, then adopted.

I paint homes as well, with customers who want to remember a childhood home, a family cabin, or a house they downsized from after raising their children.

You can find out more about my work at Lildog Studio's web page:

For every pet portrait ordered, I will donate 10% of the commission to a rescue in need.

I hope to raise awareness about homeless pets, encourage people to learn more about rescues and shelters and to think about what you can do to help.
Most people don't realize that over 10,000 dogs are euthanized at the Chicago Animal Control alone, each year!
Encourage people to adopt, if not from there, from a rescue. Local rescues were able to save over 4,000 animals but need adopters, funding, and volunteers to make that number grow.
The other fact most people don't realize is that buying pet store puppy IS buying a puppymill dog. They still come with 'papers' and the stores tell customers they came from 'breeders'.
Pet stores will tell people that all day long, as they are only in the business to make money.

If we educate those we meet about these two realities......adopting and not buying pet store puppies... then one by one, we can make an impact on the number of puppymill abuses, and also
make an impact on the staggering number of homeless dogs euthanized every day for no reason.