Friday, August 20, 2010

A Sleeping Bulldog

This is Freddy. His portrait came out rather dark...but I think it suits him.
Freddy was one of the "Terrific 10" bulldogs that Chicago English Bulldog Rescue took in after an abuse and neglect case in Illinois was finished in the winter of 2010. This group was the cutest, smallest group of bulldogs I'd seen! They were all so used to living in cages, in their own feces, oftentimes pooping and urinating in their food bowls. They were a wonderful experience for the volunteers at CEBR. Freddy and his "siblings" soaked up all the love and human kindness they'd been lacking. They learned how to be the pampered family members they deserved to be, and they had all of their health issues taken care of. Freddy's ears still amuse me, they stand up and in his pictures he has this look that makes him seem like an old man.

All of the "Terrific 10" now live with their forever families.... like a little 'bulldog fairy tail'
If you'd like to learn more about Chicago English Bulldog Rescue and what they do - please visit

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