Thursday, October 7, 2010

Barkapalooza...My first official outing as Lildog

We went to Barkapalooza a couple of weeks ago (by "we" I am referring to Bruiser and myself.. ).
I should also credit my sister Julie for meeting me there and helping for the day. She makes great coasters, floral arrangements, and various other things. This was truly a fundraiser for West Suburban Humane Society in Downers Grove, IL. A great walk, combined with vendors and rescues. Overall, we had a lot of interest.

I know I'm behind on posting my work, and there are several paintings I'll post soon.
Just a little computer funk....sometimes I wonder how someone who used to be so opposed to sitting behind a desk and having a traditional job has become just that person... and computers... they are addicting. I've been wondering if I stopped visiting facebook and online shopping for things I don't need... how much more painting I would accomplish!


  1. Look at you in your booth! You must have felt so good that you did it!

  2. It was fun! If I just had more hours in the day to prepare work... :)