Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Book on Bulldogs...

This week I started working on a book for charity. I belong to a facebook group called Art 4 Causes, and at this point we're a group of artists networking ideas, sharing our work, etc.... Pam, the woman who started the group came up with the idea to choose a cause, a subject and compile a book using all artists work to raise money for the cause.

The first book will benefit The Bulldog Club of America's Rescue Network. Read more about the cause here: http://www.rescuebulldogs.org/
17 artists have contributed bulldog artwork of different mediums to be included in the book. I have a solid start on putting the book together and hope to finish within the next week or so. Since I am a bulldog 'nut' I am excited about this project. There is a lot of great artwork in the book. I feel confident that many of my 9 million bulldog friends will purchase a copy!

(And what a great way to procrastinate on finishing my current portrait orders...shhh...)

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